What's the price? Hard to find on the website. Trying to compare costs between this and Talk Space. Unfortunately, price is a determining factor for whether I sign up or not. Wish the site would just say it out front - feels a little sneaky.
Asked by Janet

Thanks for your question. 

Betterhelp offers various subscriptions for its members. Betterhelp also financial assistance for its members as well. We want to make online counseling affordable. Each type of therapy practice helps you grow as a person. BetterHelp and our mental health counselors strive to make online counseling a pleasant and affordable experience, regardless of your medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. How much does therapy cost? The cost of therapy ranges from $60 to $90 and is billed monthly. In comparison, going to see an in-person counselor costs an average of $75-$150 per session. You can browse the therapist's profiles and find one who works for your needs. Once you've selected the online counselor for your needs, it's up to them to determine if you're a client they can service.

Budgeting For Therapy

Anyone can choose to improve their mental health through therapy. If you don't qualify for sliding scale therapy or therapy at a community mental health agency, chances are you can squeeze enough money from your budget to take this important step. Sit down and go over your budget for anything you can cut to make room for it. Remember that if you are having a short-term or situational problem, this will be a temporary item in your budget.

You should also consider that therapy might be worth continuing after the reason you started services is resolved. It can be nice to have continued support with someone who understands what you have been through, and this should be worth considering when budgeting for counseling services (ongoing or not).

Please check out the following link for more information from Betterhelp related to therapy cost:

I understand cost is a determining factor therefore, if this article is not helpful, I encourage you to contact a Betterhelp representative at Phone: (888) 688-9296.


I hope you find this information and link helpful in answering your financial questions, as well as understanding the differences in online vs. in-person therapy cost. Betterhelp is an affordable place to start for your mental health needs. I wish you the best on your mental health journey. 


Teisha Levi, LMFT

(MA, LMFT, Author)