How to be consistent in reaching goals

I don't really remember the last time I completed a goal. I constantly tell myself I'm going to do this and that, but maybe a few days to a week later I give up.
Asked by Kissfrmme

We set different types of goals for ourselves to move forward and feel accomplished. Personal growth can include goals towards health, inter-personal relationships, financial, career, and family. It can be overwhelming to take on goals, whether they are small or large. 

I assist many individuals who experience anxiety and stress and are not getting sleep (poor quality and not enough restful sleep). We work on setting small goals. Progressing from poor sleep 7 days a week to enough sleep 1-2 days a week is the first step we look at for goal setting.

Sometimes we need assistance to develop skills to improve focus and concentration. It can be helpful to work with an objective individual to provide support and help with accountability and encouragement when it's most needed.

  • Have you tried breaking down the goal into smaller steps, an easy to follow "map" of how to get there? A to do list with actionable items you can check off to lead you closer to your goal. The list can include a daily checklist, a weekly list, and a longer term month or year planning list.
  • How have you successfully accomplished goals previously? What lessons can you take from those times to help you succeed in your endeavors?
  • Are you setting realistic goals for yourself? Identify how additional supports and resources can make it easier to complete your goals.
  • How has putting off accomplishing these goals affected your daily life and your long term plans? What are some consequences of not completing these goals? 
  • What are the benefits you will gain from accomplishing these goals? A visual representation of what it means to achieve these goals can be a good motivator. A drawing, vision board, a small daily reward system are encouraging ways to keep moving yourself forward and help measure growth and achievement. 

Dedicate some time each day to help you get closer to your goals. When you see you are able to accomplish these smaller steps, you may gain confidence and resilience needed to get closer to reaching your goals. 

There are times in our lives when it can be beneficial to meet with a licensed mental health counselor to help with these types of stressors.